(Hello fair anonymous human!

Sea Bear has been in a few LDRs themself, so they know how it can be. Sea Bear suggests you try these:

  • making a gift- you don’t have to be an artist! It can be anything. Trust Sea Bear when they say that gifts that are handmade, even if you don’t think they’re well made, are still gifts straight from the heart. It’s a really touching gesture to put time into something and give it, or to have something given to you that your S/O put their time into
  • sending cute texts or messages every now and then (stuff like good morning, I miss you; I thought of you when..; I love you; etc)
  • little romantic gestures every so often, or just being romantic (from both sides! It can get really frustrating and make you feel bad if you give a lot and get next to nothing. Sea bear knows.)
  • have a tag for them on your blog, and fill the tag with things that reminded you of them, of you and them together, things they like, things that make them laugh, things that will pick them up if they’re sad. 
  • Do you like videogames? Play videogames with your partner! Sea Bear frequently connects with their girlfriend on animal crossing new leaf and pokemon, and Sea Bear absolutely loves it!
  • Write them letters, send them things that they can hold on to. It can be letters with your favourite scent attached, pressed flowers in a book of love poems, a book you want to lend them (put sticky notes inside and make comments on bits you like or bits that reminded you of you and your partner!), your shirt, your sweater,pants, etc. It really helps.

Sea Bear thinks these will abate some of the frustrations you feel, but if you ever feel lonely, remember that that is normal. But if the person you are with is worth the distance, then all will be alright.)